Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

At the heart of teaching is building lessons that engage, excite and inform students. Without effective lessons learning simply doesn’t take place. Therefore the professional development of our staff is essential if the students attending the Woodroffe School are going to continue to excel in their studies.

Teaching is a highly skilled profession, yet for many years lessons have sometimes been planned more on instinct about what will work rather than evidence that certain approaches really will. To build our abilities to say with confidence that certain pedagogical strategies work we promote staff in undertaking research.

By trialling new approaches and comparing their impact to the results we’ve seen in previous years we’ve started to build a tool kit for outstanding teaching.

This section of the website provides a flavour of the training that we have provided for staff alongside a variety of documents and tools that detail some of the ways we have gone about organising this work.

Paul Rowe
Deputy Head