English Revision

Useful websites for English GCSE Revision
Exams: AQA English Language and AQA English Literature
Literature texts: ‘Macbeth’, ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’, ‘An Inspector Calls’ and ‘Love and Relationships’ Poetry Anthology


This provides a wealth of free interactive revision resources for the Language papers and all the Literature set texts. Resources include plot summaries, revision of themes and characters, quotation quizzes and standardized assessments. English teachers may have set up their own groups on the site or you can visit independently as a student. Just ensure you select the AQA activities for each text as all exam boards’ requirements are slightly different.

mrbruff – Youtube

Mr Bruff’s YouTube channel provides video tutorials on all aspects of the AQA English Language and Literature courses, including detailed analysis of all the poems and texts, example exam answers and raps to help you memorise quotations. Tutorials on individual poems or sections of texts are particularly useful if you have been absent and need to catch up. The tutorials are aimed at the higher grades.


This provides very accessible information (including video clips) on plot, social and historic context, characters, themes, and language and structure for all the GCSE texts. Again, be sure to select the AQA section of the website. Each section includes an opportunity to test your knowledge after revising.