Parent-Teacher Association

Dorset schools receive the lowest government funding, so fundraising is the only way we can hope to provide the children with the extras that make learning fun and up to date. However, it is not all work and no play, in the last year we have put on a number of licensed events, which have been fun for the whole family and as a result we have donated £15000 to the school.

So how can you help?
  • Come and join us at our informal monthly meetings usually held on a Wednesday or Thursday at 7pm.
  • Support our events or offer to help with one; the annual Duck Race on Easter Monday and a Taste of Christmas or help to serve refreshments at the school discos, the Cabaret and other shows and concerts. It’s all great fun and good for the funds!
  • Participate in our other fundraising schemes.

If you would like more information about our upcoming schemes, or if you would like to attend our informal meeting, please email us at

The following is a piece written for Rough Notes by Dr Steward:

“On the thirteenth of May the PTA held its Annual General Meeting at the school and this a chance to celebrate all the things its members have done for the school this year and, indeed, in the past. Woodroffe is incredibly fortunate to have a PTA, particularly as very few secondary schools manage to sustain one. Most parents feel that they have done their bit in their primary schools and thus become reluctant to join in at secondary level. It is also common for parents to think that because there are so many students in the school there will be plenty of people to get involved. Sadly this isn’t the case and I’m sorry to say that there are actually very few people currently actively involved with the PTA. That’s a real shame because they do such excellent work and support the school in dozens of ways.

The most obvious way they help us is in their support for all the events they run; put simply they are always there and always ready to help out. They also contribute a great deal financially, enabling us to buy things we normally wouldn’t be able to afford. As you are all well aware, Dorset continues to be one of the lowest funded local authorities in the country and our budget is always ridiculously tight.

Over the last few years PTA contributions have added not only useful extras but also some essential items and most years their contribution amounts to well over £15,000. They have enabled us dramatically to improve the lighting and speaker systems in the school hall; they have purchased a trampoline for the PE department; and contributed small amounts to a number of subject departments.

Their main spending has been on ICT, however, and it is down to them that we are now becoming not just adequately but well equipped in this area. The PTA enabled us properly to equip the computer rooms, B6 and C17, and this year they will be providing the PCs for the new Business Studies suite which is to be created in the summer by converting the school shop and the careers room to a large teaching area. The shop, incidentally, will be relocated to the basement of the school where it will be more easily accessible to parents.

So, I’d like publicly to offer my thanks to the PTA for the fantastic work they do on behalf of the school and to encourage more parents to join them to help us out. They are not a large intimidating organisation by any means; they are a friendly, enthusiastic group of people who enjoy getting involved. Please join them if you have the time. If you would like to take part, just call the office and tell them you would be interested in helping and someone from the PTA will contact you.”

Richard Steward