Get into Teaching

JCTN supports several different routes for individual’s wishing to train to be teachers. The different options provide flexibility for the trainee to meet their circumstances and also whether training is for the primary or secondary phase.

To apply for teacher training courses in England you should use Apply for Teacher Training, a new GOV.UK service.

Apply for teacher training is easy to use and gives clear guidance to help potential teachers make strong applications.

To learn more about the new service and to get help with your application, visit Get into Teaching.

Train to Teach – Get Into Teaching – October 2021

School Direct

A school-led teacher training programme leading to QTS. With this training route, you’ll be based in one of our alliance schools, but will also be taught by Exeter University. The school won’t be your employer, and in many ways, your training will be similar to other programmes in universities, colleges, and SCITTs. School Direct courses lead to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

School Direct (salaried)

An employment-based route with one of our alliance schools that allows you to earn a salary while you train. Distance learning is possible in some cases. This route allows you to learn ‘on the job’ and earn a salary while you train towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). It’s an employment-based route for high quality graduates, typically with at least three years’ transferable work history. You will gain a PGCE as well as QTS. You will receive an unqualified teacher’s salary from your school, and the cost of your training will be covered.

PGCE university-led teacher training

Many of our alliance schools independently support PGCE trainees. Training is sometimes brought together with those studying under school direct programmes.

This is a University-led postgraduate initial teacher training programme, leading to QTS. Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) training programmes are available for prospective primary and secondary school teachers. You apply to study with a specific training provider, and will conduct the majority of your study on campus. You’ll also get classroom experience, spending time teaching and being trained in at least two schools for a minimum of 24 weeks.

Future Teaching Scholars programme

A funded programme for A level students with a passion for maths or physics. This six year, full-time programme is for outstanding A level students with a passion for maths or physics. It offers financial support during your undergraduate years, as well as employment-based teacher training after you graduate.