Challenge & Inclusion

The valuing of diversity within the human community. When inclusive education is fully embraced, we abandon the idea that children have to become “normal” in order to contribute to the world…We begin to look beyond typical ways of becoming valued members of the community, and in doing so, begin to realise the achievable goal of providing all children with an authentic sense of belonging.

(Kunc, N. (1992). The need to belong. Rediscovering Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pp. 38-39)

At Woodroffe School we seek to achieve this through:

  • A classroom model in which students, regardless of their abilities, are based in a regular structure and benefit from access to a wide range of subjects and teachers.
  • A student-centred approach beginning with individual profiles that help teachers appreciate the strengths and challenges of ALL learners and the individualised accomplishments that can be attained.
  • A timetable schedule that accounts for the full range of needs in the class—where no student engages in “pull out from lessons” or alternative activities to the extent that disruptions in the daily schedule and in peer relationships occur.
  • A curriculum that is rich and accommodating for all students—and is further individualised to meet the needs of a particular learner.
  • A teamwork approach in which staff work in flexible, coordinated ways to strengthen the collaborative relationships among teaching and non teaching colleagues for the benefit of the students.
  • A classroom climate that embraces diversity, fosters a sense of social responsibility, and supports positive peer relationships.
The Inclusion Team
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Mrs Welzel

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Mrs Heffernan

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