Poetry CPD Workshop For Teachers.

Ideas for a cave visit:

  1. The rough guide to cave dwelling
    1. Write 10 questions with a partner about the plus, minus and interesting aspects of cave dwelling
    2. Describe a cave dwelling creature using the following prompts (think Gruffalo style or jabberwocky)
      And it's eyes are like…
      And it's claws
      mouth…body…hunger…smell etc
    3. Cave makeover – design 10 ways to make your cave more habitable or in a more modern ‘style’ – think an IKEA or B & Q/Homebase tv advert
    4. Questions to ask yourself when in a cave
      What does silence feel like when you touch it?
      What does silence smell like?
      How does darkness feel on your tongue?
      What would the rocks say if they could speak?
      Which part of the cave gives you the most shivers?
      When is it time to leave a cave?
      What would you find in the head of a cave…the heart of a cave…the bowels of a cave…the foot of  cave…the bottom of a cave…?
      Think of more How, What Where When Why Which ….?s
    5. Write and present your guide in different roles and for different audiences, e.g. present as a fast talking speaker…a boring guide…an actor doing a spare time job…someone given to hyperbole…

  2. Plan, visit and follow up your cave visit as an extended metaphor
    1. The Commission – To write and present a creative response to a cave visit, including writing poetry pieces towards an anthology. Consider potential audiences at the outset.
    2. Tooling Up – preparation – the things you will need to think about/take with you e.g. A ‘bucket’ to collect emotional and sensual responses perhaps answering your questions to ask when in a cave piece; pre-teaching KWL – what do you know already…what do you want to learn…what have you learned? Looking at maps, artefacts, narratives, the meta-language of quarrying…
    3. Quarrying/Excavating – the visit – answers your questions and extends KWL; stimulates and generates creative ideas; being there/in the moment ideas
    4. Shaping the excavated materials – What will you do with it – a guide book, a film, radio play, monologue, flash fiction – use of multi-modality…
    5. Topping Off / Opening Ceremony – presenting the learning/audience






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