40 students took a bunch of staff on a day trip to London. They set off by train in the early hours of Wednesday 11th July. Enthused by the desire for cultural enlightenment they sought out the symbolism within paintings exhibited within the National gallery. After their group talks, gallery staff relayed how impressed they were with the pertinent questions and the level of understanding from the students. 

After a quick lunch they made their way to the Tate Britain, making sure that Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament were well captured on their way.

With sketchbooks and pencils at the ready, they explored the galleries thirsty for clarity on some pieces. Monty Stoke-Faiers, explained with fascination: "Some of this stuff is really weird sir!  There's a piece of artwork next door where you take an orange from a giant pyramid of oranges!!" On further investigation he returned and explained that it was all about the transient nature of life - then walked off to the next puzzle.  It was quite surreal to see 40 students browsing through the rooms all wielding an orange as if part of their uniforms. That and seeing seven students gathered around a Francis Bacon exhibit, sketching away, wearing 3D glasses!

As was to be expected, all students behaved impeccably throughout the day and were ambassadors for the school and its reputation. I personally was proud to be leading a trip with such pleasant and creative students and I thank them for that.