Stone Carving Project
Theme: Fossils of the Future

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Brief: Looking at objects that have or will become obsolete in recent years, produce a carving in stone that will endure time.


Year 10 GCSE Art students worked with stone carver, Zoe Cull and made some lasting impressions on the school. The project started with a site visit to Albion Quarry and the Tout Sculpture Park, Portland to learn how the stone is quarried and carved.
Three huge pieces of Portland limestone, kindly donated by Albion Quarry, were delivered to the school and carefully placed outside the school’s entrance foyer.
Zoe returned to school for a whole week between the 14th and 18th July during which, with the help of Year 12 student, Jack Loughlin, she supervised our Year 10 students carving into the stone blocks, which we hope are going to become a feature beside the car park entrance to the school for many, many years to come.
“It expanded the boundaries of what I thought could be achieved in stone.”
Alistair Fraser
“Knowing it will be there in such a permanent way for years after we’ve gone is a really great thought.”
Beth Jones
"It was harder than I thought." Shannon Dunn
“I really enjoyed doing my stone carving. I made myself proud.” Jazmine Colley

"I felt privileged to get the chance to make my mark on the stones that will be at this school for many years."
Jess Shute
"It was a really good opportunity to learn a skill that I wouldn’t have otherwise." Tommy James
"It’s great to know that our work will be there for my great grandchildren to see and it will be a way for the school to remember me."
Alice Wilson
"The stone carving was really enjoyable as it was something we hadn’t done before and we got to leave our impression that will be there for many years to come."
Rachel Chew
“It was very good fun. I think that everyone should have a go. It’s not as hard as you think.”
Bruce Park
"I really enjoyed the stone carving, it has given me a good idea of how you really have to develop your ideas before you do a piece that will stay within the school grounds for many years."
Rob Grimshaw