February 2011


On the 2nd to the 4th of February, the Woodroffe School held their annual Cabaret. A mixture of both students and teachers got up on stage to perform, bringing plenty of variety to the show. The array of musical talent was wide.

The school Jazz Band opened all three evenings playing numbers ‘Peanut Vendor’, ‘Birdland’ and ‘Green Onions’, which warmed up the audience and got some toes tapping. Then Mia Rose in Year 7 sang Amy Winehouse’s version of Valerie as the first act – delivery was exceptionall – and was followed by another new performer Nathan Porter with a fantastic vocal and guitar solo. Next came a hilarious dance routine to ‘Dynamite’ by Chloe and Sebastian – the most popular dance move (being demonstrated by not just the performers but the audience as well as the act went on) was ‘horsy thing’! Then a vocal quartet (Roisin, Naomi, Phoebe and Ellie on the piano) sang a rather beautiful ‘Love Song’ succeeded by Cabaret producer Kathy Elliott performing one of my favourite songs ‘Landslide’. Accompanying her was Alex Dobson, Cabaret mentor, on the guitar (the three mentors, Alex, Rhys and Georgia, chose the acts to show in the event and helped to perfect the successful auditions). Before the classic Cabaret interval with a fabulous range of Cabaret cocktails, Connor Jones played a composition of his own on the piano; Jamie Jeffrey and Taylor Hamblett-Weavering performed an excellent street dance; singing a moving Leona Lewis song was Yaz Murfin and Amy Street and Laura Taylor re-enacted a scene from the West End. The first half was rounded off with the dramatic and awe-inspiring Sixth Form Samba Band.

To open the Cabaret’s second half was a band, with singer Luke Street, playing Dancing in the Moonlight, with... a twist! Straight after was a new performer Polly Rodin who, on the second night, had her vocal and piano solo interrupted by the fire alarm (a false alarm, luckily!), she recovered her piece afterwards admirably! Next Robert James was heard twice, in a vocal and guitar solo written himself and then when stepping in as singer in the next performing Year 11 band. Considering he’d been given the lyrics to learn just earlier that day, they gave an extremely polished performance. A treat was soul singer James Dean from Year 10, accompanied by two Sixth Form backing singers, performing Stevie Wonder’s ‘Always’. Then the much valued comedy sketch by five Upper Sixth students was appreciated before a stunning duet of Ellie Goulding’s ‘The Writer’ by Ellie and Ollie Harris, which had a superb, lingering sound. Before the audience’s most special treat of the night came an incredibly skilled Acapella group and Ian Wood singing a Bob Dylan song supported by the talented guitar teacher, Kevin Butt. To finish the show with some pizzazz came the much expected but best ever Sixth Form dance.

When leaving the hall I heard great comments about the highlights of the evening. There were exclamations such as: ‘I thought that brother and sister duet was just marvellous, didn’t you?’ and ‘That Acapella group were good – I’ve never heard anything like that before!’ Also, from what I heard, the Samba Band with their ‘scary masks’ and the ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ band (because of the way they cleverly rolled about  5 different genres of music into one song - Pop, Reggae, Gangster, Rap and Screamo), were enjoyed immensely.

The Upper Sixth leaving this year will be sorely missed. Their extraordinary musical talent and much admired personalities are priceless and will leave a big gap in events such as the Cabaret. However, they’ve performed better than ever to leave their mark on the school and most will no doubt be seen on stage again before the summer.

So the Cabaret was a big success. Personally they’re my three favourite evenings of the year and I’m already looking forward to the 2012 show where I expect I’ll still manage to weave my way into the whole experience with the Jazz Band as ever. I would definitely recommend the Woodroffe School Cabaret to anyone interested in the huge talent hidden in the school.

Rosanna Marshall Year 10



Cabaret Review 2011

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