Mountjoy School Drama Project

On Friday 08 July a group of students from Mountjoy special school in Beaminster came to Woodroffe to take part in a day of drama activities. The Mountjoy and Woodroffe students were “buddied” up and the Woodroffe students became their friend and support for the day. Ms Cruwys-Finnigan ran a drama workshop using John Burningham’s ‘John Patrick Norman McHennessy – the boy who was always late’, with both sets of students working together. The group had a fantastic time, with everyone involved learning a lot from the experience. Here are some of the students comments when asked whether they would recommend the experience to others:

Annabelle “It definitely gives you a different outlook on life and vital skills.”
Beth “Yes because it teaches you a lot about yourself.”
Ruby “Yes because you get to bond with others and you can be yourself and don’t have to worry about anything.”
Tobi “I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn leadership skills because it shows you how to be a mature leader.”
Georgia “Yes it makes you understand.”
Clara D “Yes because it allowed us to bond with others doing GCSE drama next year and gave us the opportunity to work with young people with disabilities.”
Clara J “Yes I would as it gives you a good aspect to different people which you may encounter later in life.”

Ms Cruwys-Finnigan, Head of Drama

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