BAFTA Young Games Designers Award

This year, the students were given the opportunity to partake in Coding Club run by trainee teacher Mr McAllister. He started the club to teach students how to use more complex and professional coding languages either for fun, or to help us for the future. Impressed with the turnout, he and Mr Holding, organised for some of the group to enter video games created during the sessions, in the BAFTA Young Games Designers competition. The club members split into teams of three to start creating games, using whatever program they could use to their best advantage.

Merle Durant, Year 9, said, “My team, named ‘Mindscape consisted of myself, Natasha Hayball and Timothy McCarthy. We went through several stages of game design. The first we worked on for most of our time. The deadline for the competition was only around three weeks away when we decided to scrap that idea. We managed to throw a new game together by the deadline however. Everyone who joined Coding Club entered their game into the competition and endured similar crisis. In the end, only our game, “Kyta” got through to the finals and out of the thousands entered from across the UK, we are now in the top 10 for our age group.

We greatly anticipate the ceremony this Saturday, where we hope to win a BAFTA!! We owe our achievements in this all to Mr McAllister, and we are sad that he will be leaving at the end of this year. He has been an informative and understanding guide throughout the entire experience, and we all sincerely hope that he, as we have, has enjoyed the time he has spent at Woodroffe, and the goals achieved have proven the capability of the students and teachers alike.

We would like to thank Mr McAlister and Mr Holding for all that they have done for us, in the club and outside in lessons as immense support and help they has given us over the past year.”

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