Bindon Landslip Animation Project

Professional animation film maker, Matthew Dean, has been in school recently working with Year 7 students on a project based on the story of the 1939 Bindon landslip. The students had previously studied this famous occurrence in their People and Places lessons and had visited the Lyme Regis Museum, which showcases the formation of Goat Island.

A group of 20 Year 7 students also attended after school classes over a period of two months, to help prepare the backgrounds and props needed for the film. To ensure that all of the year group were involved, the students had also been working on the project during their art lessons.

The animator was in school for a whole week, and tirelessly spend each day organising and explaining to the students the laborious task of animation. He gained the nickname QC as he explained to the children that ‘quality control’ was a very important part of animation, particularly when producing a professional quality film that the students could all be proud of.

After finishing his week with Woodroffe, he then spent a week at St Michael’s Primary where the Year 6 students also contributed to the film.

The film is now in post-production and we look forward to having our premiere screening in November.

This product has been funded by the Heritage Lottery grant awarded to the Lyme Regis Museum as part of their new classroom building project.

Mrs Wood, Director of Arts


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