Product Design Students Visit Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy

The Year 10 Product Design students have recently visited the Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy to watch a demonstration on Steam Bending. The aim of the trip was to see how wood can be bent and therefore used to make products. The hope is that in the future, the students might use this method in some of their design ideas allowing them to be innovative with their designs. It was a real eye opener of a visit as the students watched hugely skilled craftsmen make beautiful boats and learned about some of the techniques used. They saw parts of the boat that had over 20 veneers of wood on it to give strength to the structure. See the photo and try to count just how many! The students really were able to grasp the concept of how planning and attention to detail is key in the making process and that time spent on this is time well spent! Our thanks go to the staff at The Boat Building Academy for giving up their time and allowing us to come.

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