Ex Woodroffe Student Wins Turner Prize

The 2015 Turner Prize has been awarded to a group of creative young architects from London called Assemble for their project in Liverpool’s Granby Four Streets.

Will Shannon left Woodroffe in 1999 after achieving an AA for the Applied Art A Level. It was to our great amazement when his name was mentioned by the spokesman for Assemble as being an invaluable addition to the team.

We have followed Will’s work over the years, which has also featured in the 2010 Crafts Magazine and last year in the Observer Magazine.

This is the article taken from the Guardian earlier this month after the Turner Prize was announced:

“Will Shannon and 2015 Turner Prize winners, Assemble, demonstrate the capacity for living spaces to become places for experimentation, production and learning in Homework. By setting up a casting factory in the backyard of a newly refurbished house on Cairns Street in Toxteth, the artists have produced custom fireplaces from reclaimed materials for ten houses currently being refurbished for the Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust.”

Well done Will. Woodroffe are very proud of you, particularly as the work is so community spirited and for the first time ever mixes design, engineering and art to create simple, beautiful and functional pieces of art.



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