Making Jewellery

Last month the lower Sixth Form art students experimented with pewter smelting using the forge in DT as part of their studies and were so pleased with their results that Mrs Wood asked Lucy Campbell, an ex-student of Woodroffe, if she would come in to talk to the group about her job as a Jewellery Maker.

When Lucy left Woodroffe she started a Graphics Degree at University. She quickly realised that she really wanted to make things with her hands so switched course to silversmithing. After she completed her degree Lucy felt that she needed a broader understanding of how to run a business so worked alongside a number of Jewellery Makers before embarking on her own.

After explaining to the Sixth Formers about how she began setting up and running her own business Lucy passed round examples of her work for the students to look at and handle.

The session ended with a really valuable question and answer session about beings your own boss and running a small business.

Having been an A Level student at Woodroffe meant that the group could really relate to Lucy as her background was in many ways so very similar.

We hope to invite other professional artists in to talk to the students as following ones dream into the very popular world of art and design is sometimes a real struggle but can be incredibly rewarding.

Mrs Wood, Director of Art



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