War Horse

On the Thursday 05 November a coach load of very excited drama students from Years 9 to 13, were driven to London to watch the National Theatre’s outstanding production of ‘War Horse’. Everyone had a very enjoyable day and fantastic theatrical experience. Since then the Year 11 students have completed 30% of their GCSE drama exam exploring the play and production. The Year 10 students have also completed the work as practice for next year. Below are some of the comments they made in their reviews.

“In the war zone the swallow (puppets) were replaced by crows. They created a very uncomfortable atmosphere because of their heavy, cawing sounds and black bone wings, these gave the idea of war because of how dark and sinister they were, almost representing the war itself. A really disturbing and sickening moment was when the crows began pecking at the dying horses, it showed us that they have some kind of contact with death.” Courtney Wilbor

“The strong bond between Joey and Albert also helped the audience to relate to the play because many people watching will have a strong relationship with their animals and will root for those characters a lot more.” Lucy Ratcliff

“I think the most emotional part of the play was when Albert was on the front line with about four other people and he got them to sing whilst going into fight. Then all the men got killed off one by one except for Albert and the singing died down. I thought this was most upsetting as the singing showed how they were trying to be optimistic about the hell of war.” Naomi Davis-Griffiths

“My favourite moment was the scene of Joey growing up. The feeling of warmth, safety and comfort was portrayed through the vibrant lighting and the vocal expression from both Joey and Albert. Then with a flash of light, the grown up Joey burst through to centre stage, this moment of climax was amazing.” Jagen Burke

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