Sixth Form Artists Visit Roche Court Sculpture Park

An unusually beautiful morning greeted the AS Art students on the last day of September for their visit to Roche Court the lovely sculpture park in Salisbury. On arrival the students were whisked away on a tour of the park provided with informed curatorship from their expert guide Josepha. They were able to broaden their contextual awareness and understanding as they were prompted about their own thoughts on the selected exhibits. These ranged from 30ft conjoined hares cast in bronze to more interactive pieces such as the fibre glass space ship which works wonderfully well as a lounger for 15. As the day went on the students were exposed to a broad range of works noting; the scale, placement, medium and intention of each artist who produced them. First hand observation of artwork is a vital part of the appreciation of it. The works were sketched and photographed enabling the students to enhance their recording skills and artistic experience. They also became more aware of their own subjectivity, they were asked if they actually liked the works, some found this a difficult question whereas others were less ambivalent and able to vocalise their opinions clearly and eloquently. The realisation that looking at art is a two way activity and very much depends on the individuals’ sensitivities and personal tastes soon became apparent. Ultimately the students were able to engage, asking pertinent questions and offering imaginative ideas about what the artworks meant to them. They were reflective and analytical in their deciphering of the visual clues offered by each piece. A relaxing lunchtime picnic was enjoyed on the grounds, followed by further observational sketching. A very successful trip and an absolute pleasure in such clement conditions.

Miss Harahan




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