Sixth Form Art

Ambitious, diverse and endlessly creative, best describes the A level students. They have produced some exemplary pieces of artwork this year, both in their timed exam and their coursework. The A2 students recently completed their art exam which resulted in an eclectic mix of paintings, mixed media, and sculptural pieces. Lydia Cooke took quite a risk emptying Monmouth beach of half of its driftwood in order to produce her fantastic sculpture, we also saw some rather more traditional oil paintings, and very lively mixed media portrait work. The AS students also displayed great versatility in their interpretation of the exam brief “Relationships”. Julia Archer’s wacky wire woman was both innovative as well as humorous and Rosalind Hughes’ large experimental canvas makes impressive use of PVA glue and a space hopper. The disparity between the works is encouraging, because it shows just how unique and creative the students are, and their willingness to explore and be experimental.

The coursework produced by many of the students has also been of a very high standard. Harriet Lloyd’s disorientating self-portraits, Valentine Tutcher’s pinned leaves, Jamie Jeffery’s haunting, fragmented faces and Anne Morgan’s lyrical landscapes to name a few. The 18 strong AS students have grown in confidence and we are optimistic that there will be some exciting developments from them in Year 13.

Meanwhile we have to say goodbye to the current Year 13 as they move on to even more exciting endeavours. Many of them will continue to develop their skills in a creative context on Art foundation courses. We wish them every success with their exam results in all subjects and hope they achieve everything they require to move on to the next stage in their lives. They have been a great bunch to work with and they will certainly be missed. Good luck to all of the leavers and well done for all of your hard work.

Mrs T Harahan, Art




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