Year 10 Drama Commedia Dell’arte Workshop

At the start of the Easter term the Year 10 drama students took part in a two hour workshop exploring the theatrical genre of Commedia dell’arte. This came from 16th century Italy and has influenced the development of all European theatre.

The class were very brave and threw themselves into some very challenging exercises. Below are their thoughts on the experience.

Ms Cruwys-Finnigan, Head of Drama


“It felt great after I had performed as I had to be pushed out of my comfort zone”, Lauren Gordon.
“It was good to learn a new skill and have fun at the same time”, Luke Johnson.
“It was a new and very challenging experience, but most of all fun” Joe Blandamer.
“I really enjoyed it because I learned so many new things, it was amazing”, Elizabeth Borley.
“The experience was fantastic! As drama students we are constantly tested and pushed out of our comfort zone. However, I don’t believe that the entire class had been push out at the same time until we tried the Commedia workshop!” Millie Pearce.
“I enjoyed the Commedia workshop as it challenged me to concentrate on my body language and facial expression”, Jade Hawkins.
“The workshop presented an unexpected challenge for me, to be constantly conscious of your body language and your position on stage, it was an intriguing experience”, Rosie Harwood.
“I enjoyed how different it was”, Jess Jeffery.
“I enjoyed the moment at the end where we acted our own scenes with the half masks, it was an over dramatic performance but really exciting to act and watch”, Jess Arrowsmith.
“I enjoyed watching the people perform and getting involved as an audience member”, Anthony Duncan.
“The workshop gave me a great insight into this genre of theatre”, Alice Price.
“It was very challenging and I was pushed out of my comfort zone but it was great fun”, Eleanor Hills.
“I learnt that Commedia really pushes you and is very physically demanding, however it is great fun to perform and play around with each character”, Abby Smith.
“I liked how it was very physical”, Jemima Gambier.
“It was a wonderful experience and I would do it again any time”, Joe Kahn.

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