School Production of "Grease"

Woodroffe is Automatic, It's Systamatic, It's Hydromatic!

Once again students from the Woodroffe School amazed audiences earlier this month with their bi annual dance and drama production. This year students from across all year groups performed the 1978 classic ‘Grease’.

Four shows were performed to a packed hall over four nights. The paying guests were once again surprised by the students professionalism, confidence and acting ability.

The bi annual school show is a fantastic opportunity for the students to get involved, both on stage and behind the scenes, be part of a large team and showcase their talents to the paying community.






Below are comments from two of the students involved:

“I've really enjoyed being a part of Woodroffe's production of 'Grease' and having the honour to perform as Danny Zuko. From the audition process, through the many months of rehearsals and up until the very last performance, I enjoyed being part of a big team and having the opportunity to work with so many talented people. Being the first major production I’ve taken part in, Grease made me realise how much I enjoy performing on stage and has taught me so many new skills. Every performance was incredibly thrilling and filled me with adrenaline - I could’ve carried on for at least another week of shows! I loved the rewarding sense of achievement I got at the end of each night. My favourite part of the show was being able to hear the audience’s reaction when I came running through the crowd wearing a silly, ill-fitting gym kit whilst waving my arms and legs in the air like a fool. I’ll never forget the cheers we received on the curtain call of the final night as the cast joined together for one last song. Being part of such an amazing production and spending time with so many dedicated cast and crew members reminds me of how fortunate I am and I’m looking forward to discovering what the next production is going to be and how I can get involved again.”
Jesse Sibley - Danny

“From a light-up jukebox, a red lighting-streaked car, spotty circle-skirts to teen angels and some really groovy songs, ‘Grease’ really is the word! After six months of rehearsing and practising we were ready to perform on 24 to 27 June. From chorus to main role, we were kept on our toes and had the opportunity to go back in time to experience the era of the 1950s. The show was fantastic with humour, love and passion and all the dances were colourful, fun and exciting. I bet if you asked anyone part of the production whether they will miss not doing it now, I guarantee they will say a huge YES! I certainly will miss being around such a fantastic cast. I feel so privileged to have been part of this amazing experience and I will definitely miss the cast and the crew!”
Katie Pike - Sandy

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