Media Studies

As part of the Media Studies A Level course, the students have to complete a coursework task in which they are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of the current Media landscape by researching and then producing a series of Media products. At AS the brief is to produce a series of promotional materials for a local band. Each student created a navigable web page, print based flyers and a poster. The depth of their research was again evident this year as their products used appropriate conventions for the genre and displayed real creativity.

The A2 students are given the freedom to research a Media issue of their choice, write a 2000 word research essay and then create a linked product. The Magazine front covers and double page spreads that were produced this year were again of exceptional quality, almost industry standard in some cases and you may find it hard to believe that every stage of the production from photography, research, journalism and editing were undertaken completely independently by the students. We are, as ever, delighted by the positive attitude of the students, the imagination and intelligence with which they choose their topics of study and the quality of the work they produce.

Miss Harley, Mr Brown and Mrs Petty would like to publicly celebrate the work of our students and thank them for another two years of interesting debate and analytical engagement with the wonderful world of the Media. In this Media saturated landscape, we should all undertake academic study of this topic in order to be visually literate and active audience members. Not everything we see and read is true, everything is mediated and every media product is produced by an institution with an agenda. The Woodroffe School takes this responsibility seriously so this year we are introducing Year 9 Media Studies into the curriculum. We look forward to hearing the views of more of our students.

Mrs Petty, Media Studies









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