Students and pupils, from any year group, who attend any of the schools in the JCTSA, are invited to take part in an exciting new venture - a locally based Jazz Orchestra which aims to offer developing players of all instruments the chance to stretch themselves by playing in a powerful ensemble.

Working closely with Devon Youth Jazz, the orchestra will be rehearse locally in the Music Department at Colyton Grammar School once a month on a Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The aim will be to reach a high standard as quickly as possible in order to take part in a range of public engagements.

No formal qualifications are required but students will be expected to be at least grade four/five standard to begin with. Tuition will be by first class teachers, drawn from local schools, and we hope to offer a range of further opportunities to develop enthusiasm and musicianship.

Anyone interested in taking part should email Mr. Jon Cullimore, Head of Music at Woodroffe, so that further details can be supplied:

Jazz Orchestra

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