On a rather wet and muggy Friday afternoon in October, the Junior Jazz Band all crowded into D14 for a workshop with renowned jazz musician and outstanding saxophonist Carlos Lopez Real. Carlos, who works professionally all over the UK, is based in London, and had come down to work with the Junior Jazz Band to prepare us for a performance in Bridport with the Philip Clouts Quartet that evening. It was an entirely new experience for the group - instead of working from written music, they were creating backing riffs by ear, composing their own accompanying sections, and creating some outstanding solos. It was pretty nerve wracking at times - improvising infront of a group of over 40 musicians, but all ages gave it a go!

That evening, we had the exciting opportunity to perform onstage with Carlos at his gig in Briport that night. Despite it being the first performance ever for some perofrmers, the group played brilliantly, performing two of our own pieces before exhibiting the brand new work completed with Carlos. With excellent solos from all year groups, including Harry Eaton and Tommy Brown (Year 7), Toby Corren, Tom Gillespie and Georgia Wellman (Year 8) up to Jed Robertson (Year11), the piece was a resounding success. Audience members commented on how professionally the students played, and it was a treat to follow this perofrmance by watching Carlos playing with the Philip Clouts Quartet for the rest of the evening.

Congratulations and well done to all involved, from a very proud Miss Webb and Mr Cullimore!

Junior Jazz Band meet Carlos Lopez Real

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