The Upper Sixth Form Art and History of Art students were very surprised when Mrs Wood, Director of Art, and Mrs Harahan, Teacher of Art, got out the minibus earlier this month and told the students 'get in - we're off to the Jam Factory'.

Unbeknown to any of them the old Jam Factory in Uplyme has been transformed into the most exciting, creative exhibition space by Gail Sagman and her co artists as a result of their project 'The Great And The Small'.

In entering the massive interior space the students were at first greeted by a series of maps and assemblages showing the route through the Himalayas to Annapurna. The most amazing photographs by Katia Marsh were totally awe inspiring and successfully encapsulated the vastness of the terrain.

A series of films made by young people from Woodroffe during a drama workshop day were interspersed with films of young students from Napal talking to camera about what inspired them, were particularly moving and thought provoking.

The Great & The Small

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