Year 13 Photography students have been working with the Lyme Regis Museum on a project entitled 'Rephotography'. The students visited the museum and looked at their extensive archive of local photographs, then had to locate the exact position certain images were taken from to produce their own digital version. Using Photoshop the images were then superimposed on each other and the students had to decide which areas they made transparent to show different areas of the two photographs in the one image.

The ‘Rephotography’ Exhibition will be open on Friday 11 April at 6.00pm and the museum would be pleased to see as many parents and friends as possible at the opening. The museum has applied for funding to extend their facilities to support school groups and young people and representatives from the Heritage Lottery will be at the opening, therefore the more young people we can get to squash into the museum on the evening the more chance we have of securing the funding.

Mrs D Wood, Director of Arts



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