Woodroffe’s Sixth Form Library officially opened by Brian Patten

The new Sixth Form Library at Woodroffe School was officially declared open by Brian Patten, the world renowned poet, who made his name in the 1960’s as one of the Liverpool poets along with Adrian Henri and Roger McGough. Their main aim at that time was to make poetry immediate and accessible for their audience, and their joint anthology, The Mersey Sound (1967), has been credited as the most significant anthology of the twentieth century for its success in bringing poetry to new audiences, and Brian Patten did not disappoint us last week.

Brian Patten’s first solo collection was Little Johnny's Confessions (1967), published when he was twenty-one years old. Since then he has published numerous collections, such as Vanishing Trick (1976) and Armada (1996); which include some of his most striking poems, focusing on the death of his mother and his memories of childhood. Over the years he has matured in his style of poetry, which he writes for both adults and children, and has become more lyrical: concentrating on love and relationships. His Selected Poems (2007) and The Collected Love Poems (1992) are seen as two of his most important books, both of which are available in the Sixth Form Library.

Mrs D Wood, Director of Arts

“Poetry talks are usually in crowded venues, and the poet is therefore somewhat distant. On this occasion, however, it was a smaller event, and the audience was allowed to ask questions, so it felt far more involving and personal. I hope visits from poets become more common in the future”. Toby

“Never thought poetry could be so interesting and enjoyable to listen to. I loved hearing the poems from his voice; it showed exactly what emotion was put into writing it. It definitely showed me the more entertaining side of poetry.” Jodie

“Inspiring and amusing, Patten was thoroughly enjoyable...... His poetry ranged from emotional to farcical, but was all equally interestingly thought out and clever.”  Ellie

“Brian Patten was funny, engaging and thought provoking. I could have listened to him for much longer and would love to attend similar talks”. Michael

Brian Patten said, “It is fantastic to open a new library, when so many are being closed”.

Brian Patten Visit

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