On Friday 20 June a group of students from Mountjoy Special School in Beaminster came to Woodroffe to take part in a number of drama activities. The Mountjoy and Woodroffe students were “buddied” up and the Woodroffe students became their friend and support for the day.

Ms Cruwys-Finnigan ran a drama workshop using Julia Donalson’s “A Squash and a Squeeze’’, with the Mountjoy and Woodroffe students working together. All agreed they had a fantastic time and learnt a lot from the experience. When asked whether they would recommend this experience to others here’s what the Woodroffe students had to say:

Lauren – Yes I would, it makes you think and gives you a different experience.

Rosie – Definitely, it is a great learning opportunity.

Zuleika – Yes, it was a great experience.

Anthony – Yes because you meet lots of new people who aren’t necessarily people you would normally be friends with.

Millie – Yes! It might seem scary at first but everyone is really friendly.

Alice – Yes! It teaches valuable lessons and skills which will definitely help in life.

Joe B – Definitely because it boosts your confidence.

Will – I would because it is a great opportunity to see what people with disabilities can do and it is great fun.

Jess A – Yes definitely because they are so cheerful and funny and are just full of fun, I wouldn’t have changed anything.

Wilf – Yes because it is great to boost confidence and responsibility.

Jade – Yes because it made me happy to know that we had made their day.

Mrs D Wood, Director of Arts


Mountjoy Day

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