The Woodroffe School Btec Art and Design group have just completed a real brief for the Hub Youth Centre in Lyme Regis. The students were asked to produce a series of photographs that would improve the look of the large upstairs space, particularly since it is now equipped with brand new sound proofing panels. The students took photographs of each other doing activities that they thought other young people could relate to and Diane Earl then contacted Creative Solutions in Axminster and they enlarged the images onto soft fabric that is now lightly attached to the sound proof panels. When the students handed over their designs they hadn't seen them any larger than the computer screen so it was great seeing their reactions when they saw their work enlarged to such a massive scale. Comments made by the students ranged from “WOW” to “that certainly is a lot different to how it looked on the screen.”

Mrs Wood, Art and Design Teacher said “We hope that we can repeat the project with next year’s group as it certainly is fantastic for the students see their work displayed in such a large space and for them to realise how 'real' projects work in practice.”

Mrs D Wood, Director of Arts


Larger Than Life

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