It was agreed by the Art department and Community Art Teacher, Mrs Bowskill, that a mosaic bench would be a fitting compliment to the newly painted Sports Hall – beautiful to look at yet practical in providing a quite space to sit and admire the Aztec mural that now adorns the Sports Hall walls.

Mrs Bowskill was joined by a number of Year 7 and 8 students during a number of lunchtime periods to come up with a suitable design.

Katie Hobbs, Year 7, said “When Saturday came around, the day we had set aside to complete the mosaic, the weather was damp and overcast with showers was forecast. But we didn’t let that dampen ours spirits. A Gazebo was brought along by Mrs Bowskill, and was constructed by the boys (I would like to mention that it took them an hour and a half to erect but many thanks anyway). Using old store cards we spread the adhesive around the bench and set to work sticking on the mosaic pieces. It was great fun trying to get all the fiddly pieces to fit together, all the while listening to Aline and Poppy blasting out their music to decide whether Seth Lakeman or Ollie Murs was better!

We would like to say a big thank you to Gary Gibbs and his team from Coastal Gardens who donated their time and energy into making the bench structure and also to Mrs Bowskill for a lovely couple of days learning new skills and getting creative.”

Mrs Bowskill, Community Art Teacher, said “Well done and thank you to everyone who took part, especially the following students - Bea Goodall, Jess Wood, Maisie Bellworthy, Jess Hodge, Rory Kinlan, Jade Mowlem, Jade Hawkins, Gemma Davis, Eli Postin, Isabella Carter-Blundell, Freya Everritt Ibbs, Daniel Brophy, Louis Jenkins, Charlotte Dawe, Katie Hobbs, Emily Jeffery, Summer Davis, Poppy Bailey and Aline Arnold.”

Finishing Touch to Aztec Temple

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