Gang Warfare Breaks Out At Woodroffe!

Harvey Causley and Cleo Nester led their rival gangs to war last week in the school production of Bugsy Malone. In yet another triumph for the directorial team of Mrs Cruws-Finnigan and Mr Cullimore, audiences were transported back to a world of gangsters and molls. The swinging music of the live orchestra, glamorous costumes and swanky hairstyles, lively choreography and the cast’s American accents brought a slice of 1920s New York to modern day Dorset.

Fat Sam’s hilariously dim hoodlums were quickly eliminated by Dandy Dora’s all female crew, in a clever twist on the original story. In fact, the number of casualties in the opening scenes was so high that even the audience were left in fear of being splurged, particular during the mad car chase through the seats. It was left to Joe Urquhart, as a loveable Bugsy Malone, to help Sam outwit Dora, when he wasn’t busy wooing Roisin Linnett’s feisty Blousey and fighting off the attentions of the glamorous Tallulah, played by Cicely Halkes-Wellstead.   

Each of these fabulous student actors, along with Lorcan Hankin as the forlorn Fizzy, excelled in their leading roles and the supporting cast delivered many laughs and fantastic ensemble pieces. Add to this the amazing sets and lighting and it’s no wonder that the show was such a success. Do we really have to wait two years for another?

Report by Polly Rodin, Year 12

Bugsy Malone

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"Being in Bugsy Malone this year has been brilliant. While I was still in primary school I loved coming to Woodroffe to watch the productions, such as ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and various cabarets and concerts; marvelling at them all. For me it is the high standards and attention to detail that make Woodroffe shows special and extra enjoyable to watch.

So of course I was thrilled and excited when I got the chance to be in the school’s version of Bugsy Malone.  I have always loved acting and looked forward to getting up on stage. But as I expected a lot of work goes into these shows and after six months of rehearsal everyone was exhausted!

As time crept on, things got even busier, the performances looming over us. There were splurge guns to hire, scenery to make and costumes to alter. The teachers were great, multi-tasking and putting their time and effort into us all the way through.

And then we were there. The curtains drawn back, the show performed, standing with our hands thrown into the air with the audience applauding. It was the best feeling ever!

As we made our way back stage we jumped up and down, amazed at what we had done but sad that this great experience had come to an end. It was worth every long rehearsal and every tired night. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Bugsy and definitely want to take part in the next school play!"

Charlotte Thompson, Year 7.