The summer school at The Arts University Bournemouth was a fun, refreshing break from my normal school curriculum and a very useful source of information about university life. While on my animation course I learnt many new skills such as, how to hand draw and scan in animation frames, how to create cut-out characters and how to put together a stop frame animation.

Bournemouth Arts University Summer School

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On the first day of the course I was a little anxious about spending the week in an enormous university, but by the end of the first day I felt totally at home and we all got to know our tutors and other course members. By lunchtime I was feeling much more at ease, in fact I was feeling rather hungry. As I walked outside towards the lunch hall I was greeted with a barbeque serving burgers and hotdogs. We all got a free meal from the barbeque and sat on the lawn in the sun re-fuelling and chatting away. After lunch we sat in the lecture theatre and some university students took a question and answer session about university life. It was helpful to have some first-hand accounts about university life and some tips and guidance to managing costs and staying on top of work.

Our courses continued to teach us new skills and techniques throughout and by presentation day we had created a final piece. During the presentation day we all presented our ideas to an audience of fellow summer school students, parents and teachers. Before the actual presentation there was yet another barbeque on a sunny day. There was tea, cakes and burgers being served while a DJ was playing music and all the parents and students danced together on the grass outside the presentation room. There was a lot of atmosphere and everyone was in a great mood for the presentation.

The presentation again made me slightly nervous because I had never talked in front of that many people before, but I soon got over it and the group and I talked about what we had made, what we had learned and what we would take away from the course. It was a new experience to talk in front of so many people and I feel like I will be much more confident if I ever had to do it again.

Overall I really enjoyed the summer school, gained a lot of knowledge about university life, learnt a lot of new skills and techniques for animation and ate some incredibly nice food. So apart from the stuffy bus journeys I enjoyed every part and would recommend it to anyone thinking about taking part in a summer school in the future.

Ned Spear, Year 12