On Friday 12 July 2013, 50 Year 10 students travelled to London with Mr Vine, Head of Art, Miss Mafusire and Miss Harahan, to spend the day soaking up London’s many art treasures, the intense atmosphere and vibrant culture.

The day saw the group visit the capitals top art galleries including the Tate Modern, but it was agreed by all that the highlight of the trip was a pre-booked visit to the viewing platform of ‘The Shard’. The structure stands twice as high as any other viewing platform in London. The weather couldn’t have been better; with clear blue skies the 360o view spanned over 40 miles across the city.

The Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe. The vertical city which stands in London Bridge Quarter, consists of offices, world-renowned restaurants, the 5 star Shangri La Hotel and exclusive residential apartments.

Mr Vine, Head of Art, said “For such a large group the students were really well behaved. The weather was fantastic and really helped with the upbeat atmosphere and enthusiasm that never faltered even after all the walking that took place. I think everyone who went will agree it was a brilliant day. I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped make this trip such a great experience.”

Art Department Visit to London

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