The wind and the rain didn’t stop the entire year group, their tutors, co-tutors, Mrs Walker and us drama teachers enjoying the Woodroffe annual pantomime trip. This year we watched a fantastic production in Exeter and it had all the right ingredients – slap stick, innuendo, outrageous dames, word play, songs, contemporary references and of course the ritual humiliation of an audience member, which for the first time ever was me. Yes, unfortunately I had to sing ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’ on my own, in front of everyone! Moving on swiftly…as ever behaviour was exemplary and the kids weren’t bad either! (Sorry, still in panto mood) We were even asked if we were a private school because the students were so smart. Thanks to all the staff who gave up their time to come and to the students for showing so much enthusiasm and enjoyment. Below are a few quotes from some of them. ACF

Alfie – ‘I liked when they picked on a member of the audience and his face got covered in foam’.

Lottie – ‘It was funny when Stella was sat on’.

Nancy – ‘I liked it when Miss had to sing’

Theo – I loved the ugly sisters comical jokes and when they were uncontrollably laughing’.

Verity – It was really funny, especially the slapstick and the play on words’.

Georgina – I liked it when one of the characters tried the glass slipper on my hand’.

James – I loved the mess ups, especially the bucket and foam’.

Joanna – ‘I liked it when the ugly sisters picked on Mr Cronk, it was really funny’.

Sam – ‘I enjoyed everything, the whole day was amazing’.


Year 7 pantomime trip to see Cinderella at the Exeter Corn Exchange

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