We knew it was going to be something special but our visit to the Nutcracker Ballet at the Royal Opera House exceeded all expectations – It was absolutely gorgeous!  We felt cocooned in sugar plums and fairy dust throughout the breath-taking performance and I felt part of something that was perfect in its entirety. As it was a schools matinee the house was packed with children from tiny Primary School tots to Secondary School Sixth Formers, yet you could have heard a pin drop – it was as if everyone was holding their breath, all leaning forward not to miss a minute of the dancing, the music, the costumes the lighting, the scenery and props – it was all the best quality.  It’s not often one can experience total escapism, usually someone is doing something distracting somewhere, however this performance showed all 48 Woodroffe students who had come on the trip what the true meaning of enjoying the Arts is all about.

Mrs Wood, Director of Arts

Going Nuts at The Royal Opera House

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