As part of their AS Media Qualification, year 12 media students must produce a piece of coursework to industry standard which is worth 50% of their final grade. As you can see from the quality of the work included in Rough Notes, the students spend a lot of time researching, planning and creating in order to convince the exam board that they can produce work at a professional standard. 

Students must produce two linked media artefacts taken from two of the three media platforms (Print and E-media). They can often base their media artefacts on an area of media that they are interested in, for example the music industry. This year some students designed their own band and then promoted them via a website and magazine feature. By researching the style, existing music magazines and genres, the students put together a brand image for their band that they them must communicate to the potential fans. You may recognise some of the band members if you look closely!

When it comes to creating the webpage and the magazine double page spread, Mr Neesam is on hand to show students who are unfamiliar with the technology, how to use it. Having worked in the publishing industry, he can give them some top tips on what makes a successful publication. Every year students produce some outstandingly creative work that really impresses the exam board and this year is no exception. Well done to year 12. Year 13 also produce some coursework where they build upon the skills learnt from AS study to investigate a media theme/text in more depth and realise a production piece reflecting this research.  At AS level candidates undertake production work and apply media concepts and debates to a range of media texts. At A2 it is expected that they will be able to synthesise theory and production and consider the effects of globalisation on the media. We have included John Davies’ coursework in Rough Notes this month so you can appreciate the detail and quality that A2 students achieve.  As you may have guessed, he will walk into the exam with full marks awarded for his coursework!

Mrs D Wood, Director of Arts


Media Studies

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