Debra Hearne from Windrose Rural Media Trust has been working with a small team of History students to interview Lyme residents who have stories about living in Lyme through the 1930’s and 1940’s.  The students attended a morning workshop in the Marine Parade shelters during half term and then went with Ms Hearne to work with the interviewees. The interviews are now in the process of being edited and the Windrose Rural Media Trust will return to school in June to show the students how they will be incorporated into an oral History Radio programme.

The students who took part in the project were:

Polly Rodin and Brianna Curry

Maisie Dascombe, Eleanor Ohlsen, Rory Townsend and Ruth Bonser

Henry Cornish, Eddie Beardwood, Harry Robson, and Reuben Heeler-Frood

Ellie Gillan and Daisy Parsons

Basher Merrett, Holly Ware and Chris Lancashire .


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