Arriving back to school after the Easter break everyone was met with a massive surprise seeing the Sports Hall had been given a rather impressive face lift. Our old friend the mural artist Pete Sheridan, aka 'stinky' had been in painting a fabulous scene based on the adventures of Indiana Jones - now many people have been asking why?? and I'm afraid the answer is really quite boring. Pete reckoned that even with cleaning and treating with wall with fungicide eventually the manky green slime that was adorning it before we 'tarted it up' would slowly return and seep through. So the simplest solution was to design something that would blend in beautifully with the aging green stains that are sure to appear in the fullness of time.

We have been running after school workshops for the gifted and talented art students from years 7,8 and 9 since October when we hatched this plan - and the students have been working with Pete on the detail that was going to adorn the wall. Once Pete had painted the backdrop over the holidays he then supervised groups of students over a three day period to add their individual images to the creation. We then spent the last afternoon extending the massive canyon across the paving stones using the perspective skills taught as part of the year 8 art curriculum.  Unfortunately Pete ran out of time to finish the floor - but he will be back .....  see next months instalment for 'What will Pete do next?'

Many thanks to Lindy Mafuseri for all her help with the after school sessions - and yes we are going to finish the maths stairwell - in a bit - need a little rest and think to recharge the batteries.

Mrs DA Wood, Director of Arts


New Mural for Sportshall

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