Andy Warhol, Ice Skating and Graffiti

On Friday 07 December, Mr Vine, Head of Art and Digital technology, and 35 sixth form students left Dorset for a three day trip to London.

Day one of the visit saw the group experience the capitals award winning Street Art tour through its vibrant East End. As well as learning about East London’s incredible creativity, historical and cultural events, the group were taught about the appropriateness of street art – where and when it can be used and how it can help to rejuvenate run down areas of inner cities.

The day was followed by visits to a number of independent galleries around Hoxton Square including the ferociously fashionable White Cube – home to some of the world’s most cutting edge art.

The evening saw the group dine in London’s infamous Planet Hollywood before a trip to the Royal Haymarket Theatre to watch One Man Two Governors.

On Saturday morning after a typical Londoner’s Full English breakfast, it was off to the Halcyon Gallery where their tour guide showed the group a number of exciting exhibitions from some of the world’s most prestigious artists. These included works by Mitch Griffiths, Robert Heindell, Santiago Montoya, Mauro Perucchetti, Lorenzo Quinn and Andy Warhol.

They group also visited ‘Death: A Self Portrait’, a winter exhibition held at the Welcome Collection showcasing over 300 works, followed by the highly acclaimed photographer Tim Walker’s show at Somerset House. The group stayed at Somerset House for an hour’s ice skating in the evening.

The final day of the trip was spent in Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland and Harrods for a spot of Christmas shopping before returning home.

One Year 12 student said “An exhilarating, whirl wind tour of London’s lively art scene! An overwhelming trip rich with joyful hurrahs and inspiration a plenty. A huge thank you Mr Vine and the staff for organising the trip”.


London Art Trip - December 2012

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