Arts College Status is ten years old this year and we plan to really celebrate in style.  It is clearly evident when we show visitors around school that they comment on the vibrant and fantastic quality of art on display and the real creative buzz it gives to the whole school environment. So we plan to continue our creative walk from the front of school with the baked bean/bright sparks mural and the fossils of the future stone carvings, past the tennis court history of technology mural to what we hope is going to be an exciting and imaginative new mural and seating area outside the Sports Hall.  We are going to specifically ask Year 8 gifted and talented students to work with visiting artist Pete Sheridan on the mural and Alison Bowskill will be working with Year 7 students to create another mosaic bench, on a similar style to the one that she made a few years ago in the Town Gardens.

As part of our birthday party in July 2013 we hope to feature a wall of images featuring our ex students who have been involved in the creative industries which indicates what their pathway was and where they are now.  So any contact parents and friends of the school have with our ex pupils we would be delighted to get in touch with them and feature their work in our wall of talent.

This year we were successful in achieving the Arts mark gold award again – this is the third time in consecutive years we have won this award and it is for recognition across both performing and visual arts, work in the community and with feeder primaries. 

The Arts award has been a recent introduction to Arts College work over the past three years and each year it is growing in its popularity. We have now been offering this award at silver and gold level and numbers have gone from strength to strength, with a record 35 students in Year 8 about to embark on their silver award.

Doing an arts award allows students to enjoy the arts, develop creative and leadership skills to build confidence which leads to a nationally recognized qualification. For the leadership part of the award students have to plan, organize and run a workshop/activity for other youngsters.

As part of our Arts College community work workshops are run each year at our feeder schools, these give students the opportunity to work with an art specialist learning new techniques and experiencing different materials.

Our annual exhibition will be again in the Malt House in Lyme Regis and we look forward to seeing you there.

D Wood, Director of Arts

Happy Birthday Arts College!

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