Our students are used to working within school, creating products for school, with the deadlines and expectations that school tasks oriented around exam preparation involve. Once the projects become 'live' and a client is involved the game changes dramatically. Not all students are ready for the jump and some find themselves overwhelmed by the pressure of 'judgment' from beyond the school gates...others like the exposure to a bigger audience and take the plunge naturally, confident that their ideas will communicate well. Most experience a bit of both sensations. Whilst developing work for the ON BOARD project the woodroffe graphics students were forced to liaise carefully with designer Richard Hartnell at key stages in the project and respond with maturity when their ideas and outcomes needed to be adapted or developed to match the expectations of the project. This professionalism is fundamental to success for our students in their lives as graphics designers or creative artworkers and as big a learning experience as the technical, conceptual and practical learning that unfolds as their ideas are realised and become concrete. The students produced a range of graphics and motion graphics for the project having been provided with professionally created audio files that needed rendering as visual 'adverts'. They responded with very imaginative and competent design ideas that were presented in Weymouth during the Olympics and seen by 7500 visitors to the ONBOARD attraction.


Students Take On Graphics Commission

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