Year 8 students  Katie McGoran, Sophie Chong and Rory Kinlan  planned and organised an art activity for the schools day at  Lyme Regis Fossil Festival.

This year the theme was coastal treasure so the students  made a selection of stencils and templates based on shells, fossils and sea creatures,  that could be drawn round or copied onto a long piece of paper to create one big mural.

There were 5 school groups of around 15 children throughout the day with children ranging from years 2-6 and the students took it in turns to introduce the activity, demonstrating how to use the templates and materials.

It was a tiring day with only a 30 minute break for lunch, but the students  remained cheerful and positive throughout the day,  giving support and encouragement.

Here is what they thought of the day:

“At the start it was quite hard to get used to working with a large group but by the 2nd and 3rd group I was able to relax more and really enjoyed working with the children, at the end of the day I was really pleased with myself.”

“I found it challenging but grew in confidence after the first group and enjoyed chatting and helping the children.”

“I really enjoyed working with the children and learnt how to interact with them, it was very rewarding.”


Fossil Festival 2013

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