On Golden Cap

Inspired by London 2012 and the Cultural Olympiad, Coastal Voices was a landmark project that bought hundreds of voices together in a unique concert, to celebrate the Jurassic Coast.

At 11am on Friday 27 July, Head of Music, Jon Cullimore, and 80 students from Woodroffe, Colyton Grammar School, St Micheal’s Primary School and Mrs Ethelston’s Primary School left Lyme Regis for Weymouth.

The first stop on arriving in Weymouth for the group was a rehearsal at Weymouth College with musician and composer John K Miles.

John was inspired by work with Billy Bragg, B Sharp and young people of West Dorset and East Devon to compose ‘On Golden Cap’. The song was commissioned to paint a picture of what it feels like to live in and around Lyme Regis.

After rehearsal, the group were taken to a holding tent on Weymouth beach where their excitement grew in anticipation of what was to come. The beautiful sunshine had bought an even bigger crowd than expected and on arriving on Weymouth’s purpose built stage, the group found themselves in front of an audience of thousands!

Mr Cullimore said “I am so proud of the kids. They were fantastic. It was such a great experience for them to take part in this project and for the four schools to work so closely together. I would like to thank everyone who helped with this project, particularly Dot Wood, Richard Sloan, Vicky Pearce, Helen Webb, John K Miles and Fran Williams and of course not forgetting all of the students that took part.”

Mrs Lake, who was in the audience on the night, said “I couldn’t believe how amazing they were. It was a wonderful evening and I was so proud to be in the audience watching. This really has been a special year.”


Coastal Voices

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