Dance Club for Year 7 Students

As part of their Silver Arts Award Year 8 students Mia and Ella planned and ran a 5 week singing and dancing lunchtime club for a group of year 7 students.

Both girls had spent a long time preparing for this event. They had thought carefully about each session, what music they would play and had spent time practicing their choreography

During the first workshop session the girls explained to the group what they would be doing, asking for their suggestions of music they would like to dance to.

After that, each session started with a discussion and fun warm up. There was a great mix of learning new dances, singing and creating their own dance routines.

As a team, the girls worked really well together, Ella was responsible for singing and Mia for choreography.

Both girls were confident in speaking and organizing the group, they engaged really well with the students, being approachable and encouraging and it was obvious how much everyone enjoyed it.


Arts Award - Year 7 Dance Club

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