June 2012


On Thursday 21 June five students from Mountjoy School for children with severe learning difficulties in Bridport, spent the day with a group of Year 9 students here at Woodroffe.

The day began with a drama workshop which was led by Mrs Cruwys-Finnigan. The Workshop was based around the whimsical nonsense rhyme by Quentin Blake – Mister Magnolia.

After joining Year 9 for lunch the visiting students then took part in a PE workshop which was led by Abbey Morris and Iain Griffiths.

The Woodroffe students who took part in the day found it to be both a beneficial and enriching experience.

Nathan Porter said “I really enjoyed the whole day. I enjoyed the drama and PE workshops. It was just a really enjoyable experience.”

Cheyenne Farrar-Lowe said “I would recommend it. You learn so many things and it is a great experience. Thank you for such a great day! I will never forget it.”

Imogen Killner said “It was an experience of a lifetime! Not only do you meet new people you become friends instantly.”

Hester Heeler-Frood  said “It was a very fulfilling experience. Seeing the children having fun was amazing!”

Sophie Farrendon said “It is an amazing experience. I know where I am going for work experience!”

Mrs Cruwys-Finnigan said “This was the ninth time that I have had the pleasure of being part of this activity day. It has always been an incredibly special and wonderful day and this year was no exception, we all gain so much from the experience and have such fun.”


Mountjoy Activity Day

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