May 2012


Year 8 students Charlotte Bernhardt and

Harry Coutts spent Friday at Lyme Regis

Fossil Festival helping local primary

school children to make stained glass

effect fossil pictures.

The 2 students are doing their silver arts

award and for the leadership section

they planned and ran this activity

themselves. Throughout the day they

had 6 groups from different schools

working on acetate with pens and

coloured tissue to create some beautiful

designs. The work was hung up for the

remainder of the festival for everyone to


Here is a quote from Harry, ‘I enjoyed

the fossil festival experience. It was

nerve-racking at first, but I learnt more

about how to help the children as I

progressed through the day. I enjoyed

teaching the children about fossils and

their local history. The highlights of the

day were seeing all the children walk

away having learnt something about

fossils or our history and having all had

fun! It was an event enjoyed by all who



Fossil Festival 2012

Arts College Projects