April 2012


Learning the art of leadership is all in a day’s work for the 18 Year 8 students currently studying for their Silver Arts Award. The students have all been tasked with organising their very own workshop or activity for others and the range of ideas has been fantastic with the students working with a local Brownie Pack, running lunchtime art clubs and Christmas Craft workshops.

In the most recent activity Year 8 students Issy Helston and Frieda Hall Hickman put together an Easter craft workshop for twelve 7-10 year olds in the shelters on Marine Parade in Lyme Regis.

The girls had planned a range of activities from egg painting to sewing and decorating egg cosies and baskets.

“We really enjoyed the fact that we were able to put our ideas forward about what we thought would be fun for them to do during the workshop,” said Issy and Frieda. “The children all enjoyed the activities they did especially sewing the egg cosies! This was the hardest task to teach as the children needed quite a lot of help but the results were great. The preparation was hard work and we had to be really organised but it all felt worth it in the end when the children left with something special that they had made themselves and a sense of achievement. Overall it was a tiring day, but it was definitely worth it to see so many happy faces around!!”

Mrs A Bowskill.


Egg Cosy Crafts in the Shelters

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