Year 12 Applied Art - Gail Sagman


Gail is a local practising artist and her work is a mixture between constructivism and assemblage, with a pinch of cubism and blended, of course, with her own individuality and personality.

Trained at the Royal College of Art, in London she has worked for many years from studios in London and Prague and has recently purchased the Barns/ Farm buildings overlooking the valley down to Lyme Regis.

On a sunny day it must be the most glorious of locations but during the winter months the hardy Scottish lass that Gail is has to endure quite an isolated and bleak workspace.

The ten lower sixth students spent the day with Gail being instructed in the concepts of abstract constructivism. In the first hour they built a massive 10 metre high structure as a group and then using mark making materials they produced monochromatic ( apart from Donna who is the Queen of colour) studies based on the positive and negative elements of the  assembled structure.

The students worked all day in the studio and produced work that has added breadth and the use of a wider range of media to their applied art coursework.

On a very cold frosty March day the Lower 6th Applied Art group went to work with Gail Sagman in the old Jam Factory in Uplyme.