Axminster Carpets has run a local ‘Designer of the year’ award for the past three years and The Woodroffe School has entered every year. Last year we were successful in one of our year 8 students, Lisa Sargent, winning the competition and having a piece of carpet made of her design.

This year we decided that the competition would make a good project for the applied art student’s exam and here are some of the entries.

Gary Bridges, the head of the design department from Axminster carpets was so impressed with the student’s work that he has invited 3 students into the next round of the competition where they will spend the day in the design department working on their designs using the factory computer programmes. Each student will have a small piece of carpet made of their design and the overall winner will have a larger rug size piece made.

The students who have successfully made it through to the first round this year are:

Jessica Broughton, Jessica Shute and Ed low.


Axminster Carpets Design Competition Entries 2010