The Magdalen Project

2005 Project Outline

A collaboration between Axe Valley Community College and Woodroffe School Year 9 students. The students worked together with staff from both schools to construct a number of environmental structures displayed in the grounds of the Magdalen centre, Chard.

Head of Art - Richard Vine, describes the project in more detail: The 3D ‘sculpture trail’ at the Magdalen project provided Woodroffe with the opportunity to work with our partner school Axe Valley on an ambitious two-day project at the end of June 2005. The two schools developed work using found materials, a chainsaw and blow-torches. Both art departments met prior to the visit and discussed ideas and the students also had the chance to visit the site before we started and so were able to plan their ideas with the venue in mind. Woodroffe has worked with the staff at the Magdalen project before and they have always been keen to allow the students the freedom to develop their own ideas.

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Magdalen Project Evaluation and further development.

The venue provided us with the raw materials and Nick Muscle from Axe valley found safe and productive ways of cutting and burning items with the students, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Whilst the weather conspired to defeat us we battled on together and completed a decorated ‘alter’ and totem pole. We are hoping to add to this sculpture trail with a similar project for 2006. Lance Samways, a student from Woodroofe school said
“It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed learning to use the things we found to create art” .



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