Governing Body

The Woodroffe School governing body consists of 18 governors:

  • 5 parent governors
  • 1 local authority governor
  • The head teacher
  • 1 staff governor
  • 8 co-opted governors
  • 2 partnership governors

There are currently some governor vacancies: parent governors and partnership governors, however please note the governors are currently looking at a review of the constitution of the governing body in line with good practice and numbers may change.

Parent governors are elected by parents/carers or, if there are insufficient candidates, appointed by the governing body. Local authority governors are – as the name suggests – appointed by the local authority. Staff governors are elected by the school staff. The governing body seeks nominations for partnership governors from parents and carers and others in the community with an interest in the school. The governing body appoints, as co-opted governors, people who have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

The governing body has the following committees:
  • The Finance and Resources Committee
  • The Standards, Staffing and Curriculum Committee
  • The Head Teacher’s Performance Review Committee
  • Pay and Pay Review Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee is responsible for monitoring the school’s income and expenditure against the approved budget. It also considers matters relating to the building and grounds, including health and safety.

The Standards, Staffing and Curriculum Committee monitors the quality of teaching, standards and progress achieved by pupils. It monitors the staffing structure and has oversight of the school curriculum and timetable, including how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced.

The Head Teacher’s Performance Review Committee considers the headteacher’s performance against objectives set for the year, in conjunction with the School Evaluation Partner (an experienced school leader or senior LA adviser).

The Pay and Pay Review Committee reviews the school pay policies and receives recommendations from the Headteacher on the pay of teaching and support staff.

Governors are also invited to attend a School Improvement Group. This is a working group that provides advice and guidance to the Head and the senior leadership team and also monitors school actions against the aims and targets set out in the School Learning Plan.

Our current governors are:
Chair of the Governors
Mary Kahn
Vice-Chair of the Governors
Jon Oates
Parent Governors Appointed Expiry of Office
Mr J Smith 25.04.2016 24.04.2020
Ms E Pole 03.09.2018 02.09.2022
Ms Meeri Wallace 23.11.2018 22.11.2022
Local Authority Governor
Mrs Jane Beck 14.06.1998 22.07.2022
Staff Governor
Mrs Laurie Farrow  03.12.2018 02.12.2022
The Headteacher
Dr Richard Steward
Partnership Governors
Co-opted Governors
Mr Mat Daly 01.04.2006 26.01.2023
Mr C Sweetland 15.11.2007 26.01.2023
Mr Gil Ross 01.05.2012 30.14.2020
Mr Jonathan Oates 01.11.2015 31.10.2019
Ms A Bonwick 28.02.2018 27.02.2022
Mrs M Kahn 02.05.2018 01.05.2022
Ms S Earwicker 02.05.2018 01.05.2022
Clerk to the Governors
Miss Wendy Howard

For further information, or to contact the governing body please email:

Membership of Committees

Finance and Resources

  • Jane Beck
  • Mat Daly
  • Mary Kahn
  • Jon Oates
  • Gil Ross
  • Richard Steward
  • John Smith

Standards, Staffing & Curriculum

  • Sarah Earwicker
  • Mary Kahn
  • Gil Ross
  • Richard Steward
  • Chris Sweetland
  • Adrienne Bonwick
  • Elizabeth Pole
  • Meeri Wallace
  • Laurie Farrow

Head Teacher’s Performance Review Committee

  • Sarah Earwicker
  • Mary Kahn
  • Jon Oates

Pay & Pay Review

  • Sarah Earwicker
  • Mary Kahn
  • Richard Steward
  • Jon Oates
  • Gil Ross
Attendance at Meetings

Governor Attendance at Meetings 2017-18
6th September 2018 Download
Governor Attendance at Meetings 2016-17
3rd October 2017 Download
Governor Attendance at Meetings 2015-16
15th December 2016 Download
Governor Attendance at Meetings 2014-15
15th December 2016 Download

    Governors with relevant business and pecuniary interests which may arise from relationships between governors and school staff:

    • The Head’s wife teaches at Woodroffe.
    • Mary Kahn is a member of the Interim Executive Board of Governors of Budmouth College.
    • Elizabeth Pole is Chair of Tiverton and Honiton Constituency Labour Party.